On our way to produce rare earths. Without mining.



Ceritech is a private company based in Germany. Ceritech develops an unconventional method to extract rare earth elements from gypsum. The gypsum is generated in large quantities during the production of fertilizers and contains, depending on the location, good quantities of rare earth elements. Overall, several million tons of gypsum are produced each year, ready for the extraction of rare earth elements.

Ceritech has been visiting numerous manufacturers of fertilizers worldwide to examine the gypsum for its suitability for REE extraction. Through our work we were able to identify various locations, which should fit to our process of extracting rare earth elements from gypsum. Our projects are based in Lithuania and Brazil, where we closely cooperate with major chemical and mining companies.

Smart rare earths. Rare earths, eco-friendly.

Gypsum from a fertilizer plant in Brazil. It is very fine-grained, non-toxic and odorless. By applying processes developed by Ceritech, the contained rare earths will be extracted. The gypsum itself will keep its grain size and all physical properties throughout Ceritech’s process.

Usually, rare earth elements are being extracted and manufactured in a conventional and proven process. In most cases a rare earth deposit is being exploited by traditional mining. After mining, the ore is then crushed and the rare earth elements get extracted by a conventional leaching process. This also generates large amounts of waste, which must be stockpiled on huge waste dumps. The entire process takes up lots of resources and is very expensive.

Ceritech instead chooses a different path: We develop a process in which we extract the rare earth elements from waste material, which was produced during the fertilizer production: gypsum. This gypsum forms a reliable and constant mass flow. With our process- and beneficiation know-how, we are able to extract the rare earth minerals from the gypsum in an environmentally friendly way.

Ceritech is working on the production of rare earth metals without establishing a mine and its full infrastructure and costs. This is good for the environment – and good from an economical point of view. Exploration and mining, ore handling and crushing make up a large portion of the costs of conventional mining projects. Ceritech instead is using the ready to use fine-grained gypsum. And what will happen with the gypsum, after it was processed by Ceritech? The gypsum, generated during the fertilizer production is already being used by the agriculture as a soil conditioner. This will not change.

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