High-Tech and Energy Metals

Lithium and Rare Earths

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About Ceritech

Focus on lithium and rare earths


We cooperate with established raw material companies and beneficiation labs. Our vision is to contribute to the current energy and mobility transition with raw materials such as lithium and rare earths.

Lithium, rare earths and other high-tech raw materials are the focus of Ceritech.

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Ceritech is a German-based company. We have built a strong network ranging from beneficiation labs, producers up to the capital market. Ceritech is thus in an excellent position to identify projects, develop them rapidly and arrange their financing.

With our team and our experience, we want to participate in the transformation of the energy and mobility market. The focus of our project search is therefore primarily lithium and all products and processes that are an essential component for the production of lithium batteries. 

In addition, we also see significant opportunities in the rare earth sector as well as other accessory high-tech metals that are part of and actively promote the energy transition.

Why Ceritech?


Ceritech has years of experience in metallurgy and processing.


Our experience in geology and metallurgy allows us to react quickly.

Financially strong

We have excellent access to investors and the financial market.


We have a strong and experienced team with international labs.

Integrated development

Project search

Visiting projects & evaluation are among the fundamental activities of Ceritech.

Core sampling

Ceritech has a strong experience in drilling and core examination.

Valuable minerals

Examination for occurrence and content of valuable minerals.


Sample preparation of a finalized project in Ceritech’s own laboratory.


Cooperation with universities, such as TU-Clausthal, Prof. Elwert for rare earths.


Cooperation with major international laboratories for piloting.

An outlook

The shift in energy sources is in full swing - with a focus on environmentally friendly renewable energies. The change is extensive and affects almost every branch of industry. In addition, mobility as we currently know it is also being radically restructured.
Electrically powered vehicles are replacing conventional internal combustion engines.
For this comprehensive change, the industry needs raw materials that have been in demand only to a relatively small extent up to now. Lithium as a raw material for batteries for decentralized energy storage at home in so-called powerwalls or for vehicles is one of these commodities. The demand for lithium will increase dramatically. Rare earths and other metals demand will also increase.
Ceritech is actively looking to take advantage of the opportunity this transformation offers and wants to become a producer of those commodities for the European region.

Joerg Reichert