Ceritech cooperates with various companies. Here, we introduce those partners and collaborations we can publicly talk about.

Tradium – Specialist for Rare Earths and High-Tech Metals

Our cooperation with Tradium is noteworthy and important. The Tradium GmbH with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main belongs to Europe’s leading partners of the manufacturing industry in the field of special metals and, by now, offers their experience as a specialist for technology metals even for private investors. The collaboration efforts between Ceritech and Tradium are especially valuable thanks to their industry-oriented position.

Tradium cooperates with Ceritech in fields such as product design and the general market demands in Germany and international regions. By using their contacts within the industry and through trading rare earths and modern high-tech metals, Tradium gets direct insight into market demands.


Matthias Rueth is the founder and General Manager of Tradium and Metlock. Rueth emphasizes:

“Our companies offer us a unique position in the German market while working closely with the industry. This includes industrial customers and the manufacturing sector as well as the producers of raw materials. Ceritech is an example for a rising project developer with a unique and impressively promising business idea. We remain very interested in collaborating with Ceritech especially against the background of the production of rare earths.”

Considering the rising demand for critical raw materials, rare earths and other strategic metals not only bear significance for the industry alone. Generally, they offer opportunities for a portfolio diversification even for private investors – especially in order to complement existing investments in precious metals. Making the right choice out of a vast amount of technology metals and rare earths requires special know-how and long-lasting networking opportunities with leading producers and established processors.

Aside from their international experience, Tradium furthermore offers security for raw materials: rare earths and technology metals can be stored at the associate company Metlock GmbH – in a bunker at the outskirts of Frankfurt. It acts as a bonded warehouse and thus offers the highest level of security with 1,400 m² of storage space, sealed off behind 2 meters of thick concrete wall and within 10 CD EX classified security containers.


Tradium not only trades with industrial customers. Private investors may also profit from the demand for metals and rare earths. Investments in these modern raw materials offer opportunities for private investors to participate in technological development. The significance of physically available material assets as a means for private and institutional investments has been rising for years worldwide – independent of price fluctuations. One important reason for this is, finally, the central bank’s interest policy. Investing in physical material assets also emphasizes protection from inflation.

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A Bunker that has been modified for storage purposes in Frankfurt.


Interior view of the bunker rare earths and special metals in stock.